Retty's service contents and function

Thank you for using Retty.

This page will briefly explain the features and function of Retty.

・What is Retty?
・What features it has?
・What is an Official User?
・About deleting account

▼ What is Retty?

Retty is a service to introduce “Recommended Restaurants” to your friends.
Rather than give a rate to the restaurant, we would like you to share your impressions such as “It was a good restaurant” with your friends.

In addition, we manage this service to connect people by sharing each other's favorite food.

Also, as a user you can register your favorite restaurant if it is not registered on Retty yet.

→ To register a new restaurant page go here

▼ What features it has?

Introducing basic features. (as of March 2016)
For more information go to each link.

・New timeline
・My List
・Following, Follower

▼ What is Official User?

Retty’s official users are people who write reviews that help people find good restaurants.

Regarding user selection, we choose based on the number of positive comments you get on your reviews and the number of people who "Want to Go" to a restaurant based on the reviews you write.

Official users are those users that fulfill these criteria at a high level and meet our standards. They are updated every 6 months.

▼ About Deleting your Account
Deleting your account is a procedure to delete all the information contributed by you as well as your history. Deleting the application does not delete your account and does not mean all the information has been deleted.

→ Please go here for step-by-step instructions.

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